DLI  Digital Loggers, Inc.
DLI  Digital Loggers, Inc.

Digital Loggers, Inc. manufactures reliable, cost effective recording systems and switches for government and commercial applications. DLI employs 42 specialized employees and operates a 21,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California. DLI has a customer base (BANK/BROKERAGE/CALL CENTER/PSAP) of 18,000 customers in over 19 years of business. Government customers include the US Navy, US Secret Service, state and local law enforcement.

Their Areas of Expertise:

  • E-911 Dispatch
  • Court Reporting
  • Financial and Securities
  • Generating Stations - Nuclear Power
  • Government Installations - Homeland Security
  • Telemarketing - Call Centers
  • Air Traffic Control - Noise Monitoring - Correctional Facilities

DLI Digital Loggers Products include:

4 Channel Logger (with CD removal media)                        Military Radio Logger

4 Channel Network Logger                                                   E-911 24 Channel Logger

USB 8 and 16 Channel Logger                                              Beep Tone Generator

T-1/PRI DIGITAL Logger                                                    XLR Notification Logger 

ABSelcom and Select Communications has installed and serviced DLI Digital Loggers, Inc for bank and brokerage applications since 2004. ABSELCOM and Select Communications enjoys a successful sales and service relationship with DLI. Call us for assistance with DLI sales and configuration questions at 800 947 3532.

Other New Products from Digital Loggers, Inc

-48 Power Controller
Military Radio Recorder
Ethernet Power Controller II

4.8TB FCAL Disk Array
RF Multicoupler
USB Fabric Switch

Intelligent Serial I/O Switch
XLR Broadcast Logger

All-Digital T-1 Recorder
8 Target IDE Drive Duplicator

Record Tone Generator
Remote Call Forwarder
16 Channel USB Recorder
Industrial Power Switch

Remote Call Forwarder
Emergency Notification Logger

Automatic Call Announcer
24 Channel E-911 Logger
Web Power Switch

Web Controlled DIN Relay
10 Channel Emergency Notification SystemThe system will call out simultaneously on all available lines. Contact hundreds or thousands of people with a custom or pre-recorded message. Simply select a file list list of phone numbers and click on an message. Every number will be dialed in sequence on all unused lines
Personal Call RecorderDigital Performance Audio recordings are perfect. Multiple copies of recordings can be made without degradation. Record to a hard drive or network server for reliable storage. Automatic Operation Voice activation keeps all your calls organized in time-stamped directories.
Power ControllerReboot your equipment via a Web interface. From a web browser, simply turn any outlet off, and then on. You can even have the Power Controller Ping your computer and if the computer does not respond, turn it's outlet off, and then back on, Automatically rebooting a frozen computer.
T1-Voice RecorderDo-it-yourself T1 Recording! Just connect a USB cable, tap the T1 line and you're done! You'll instantly record up to 48 channels of audio in crystal-clear digital quality. Search, Play, Email, Copy Play back from any PC. Find calls instantly. Just click on the time and date. Copy, email, encrypt, and transfer calls on any computer. Powerful utilities let you search by Caller-ID, DID, or number dialed. PRI DID calls automatically sort in separate folders.
The F16 16 -Channel Analog Voice Logger RecorderCost Effective 16-Channel analog voice Logger recorder! Record communications from any radio, phone, or microphone. Get 16 channels of digital quality at the lowest cost in the industry!
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4 Ch Beep Tone GeneratorRecord legally. Eliminate disputes. Discourage chit-chat. Keep calls serious. Add a warning tone to remind callers that they're being recorded. Simply snap in the phone cords and you're done. Adjust the level control to your preference. Unlike "handset tone generators", there is no messy wring or battery to replace. Install in your phone room or at any extension. Each unit generates the CCIT recording tone legally required in most states. Up to four lines or analog extensions can be conn
Here are comparable products to the DLI Recorders

Here are comparable products to the DLI Recorders

BUILD YOUR OWN ANALOG VOICE LOGGER SYSTEMStarting at $795: Building your own analog voice logging system is not as difficult as you might think. By utilizing your own PC and purchasing the needed PCI cards you can save thousands of dollars and have a system to record your phone conversations.
Comvurgent Universal Adapter 2.0 w/ Instant RecallThe Universal Adapter 2.0 can connect directly onto any analog telephone line making a recording log of incoming callers and outgoing dialled calls. Our unique line and handset (curly cord) connectivity allows you to get the best of both worlds, i.e. digits dialed and accurate start/stop from the line as well as a balanced signal mix (local and remote end) from the handset connection.
Comvurgent XtR Analogue 02 Recorder 2 ChannelsRecall every conversation using the power of your PC > Analog Recorder 02 provides a true centralized recording solution for large and small applications.
Comvurgent's Xtension Recorder Desktop Digital 01Recall every conversation using the power of your PC > All of the Digital recording connectivity solutions use powerful 'PBX-2-USB' technology to deliver superb performance at ground breaking prices.
Revcord RC VOIP IP-Recording ServersWhether you require full time recording for liability purposes or selective recording for quality control, The RC VOIP offers a diverse suite of recording interfaces and options to support your digital, analog or VoIP environment.
Revcord RCAT Analog Recorders8 Channels- 96 Channels of Analog Recording. All new AR series multi-channel recording system has made a change to the history of digital recording. Most of telephony recording systems you see out there at the market are built on industry-based computer with several voice-recording cards. They are often taking huge spaces and pricy which result a big gap for non-business consumers.
Revcord RCDCMS-Digital Set Tap RecordersThe model RCMCS is a rack mountable server that features dual hot swappable 320 gig hard drives with Raid 1 (mirrored recording on the hard drives) and dual hot swappable power supplies for added redundancy in a Rack Mount Chassis. This model is intended for applications in which voice recording is critical and where even the remote possibility of one call being missed could have unacceptable consequences.
Revcord RCDT-Digital Set Tap RecordersThe model RCDT was specifically designed and priced for smaller and medium sized business applications where price is of primary consideration and redundancy is not a critical requirement. The model RCDT features a tower chassis, 320 gig hard drive, combo DVD drive, and the option of backup to a USB hard drive or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

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