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Voice Recorder

In today’s day and age, if you aren’t recording your phone, you’re just leaving yourself wide open to all kinds of attacks. You really need to think about, the benefits to your own personal image and the image of your business. It is a well known fact, that when phone calls are recorded and both parties on the phone line are aware, calls go much more smoothly. You need to think about using one of our smaller Voice Recorder or installing an Audiolog, Cacti, or Omnicron server.

If you carry out important business affairs, there may come a day you will be very grateful you recorded a call. See what your state phone recording laws are!  

Audiolog, Cacti, and Omnicron Voice Recording Servers

Audiolog, Cacti, and Omnicron Voice Recording Servers

Audiolog Voice Recorder ServersAudiolog™ is a powerful call recording, evaluation, and archive solution designed to facilitate compliance, reduce risk, increase process efficiencies, and enhance customer service. Audiolog is product of Verint formally Mercom.

Channels 8-240
Cacti Voice Recorder ServersCacti provides your enterprise with a highly reliable server based recording solution. Cacti continuously records, archives, stores and provides high-speed access to thousands of hours of customer interactions.
Omnicron Voice Recorder Server 4 to 32 ChannelTotal Recall from Omnicron is a compact multi-channel voice logging recorder with built-in display and simple navigation keys. You can listen to monitored conversations live, replay them from the internal hard drive that holds 1600+ hours of conversations, and archive all or selected conversations to inexpensive compact disks with the touch of a few simple buttons — over 180 hours on an inexpensive CD

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